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What explains the rise of the rump? Is it an of-the-moment fixation brought on by celebrities who've got buns? Or is it more deep-seated, our desire for deep seats? Has humankind—or mankind, specifically—always preferred girls with cheeks? And if so, why? Some men have trouble putting words to this predilection, as I learned when I conducted an unscientific survey of three straight males I know. The last interviewee was made visibly uncomfortable by the question. He might be on to something. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin recently found in a study that men are, in fact, all about that bass. Or at least, a specific kind of spinal curvature that creates the illusion of bass. That is to say, if we were talking about actual bass rather than butts, men would be Why Men Love Big Ass appreciative of the earthy growl produced by a synthesizer as they would one that's emitted by a Rickenbacker For the study, which was recently published in Evolution and Human Behaviorresearchers asked about men aged 17 to 34 to evaluate pictures of female silhouettes that had been manipulated to look like their lower spines curved at different angles. Why Men Love Big Ass hate to get crass in what I hope is overall a highbrow psychological deep-dive, but essentially these lumbar differences made the drawings look like they were sticking their Why Men Love Big Ass out to varying extremes. As you can see:.

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One common misconception when it comes to getting a bigger butt is that you should be doing squats every time you work your lower body. The truth is, squats are a quad-dominant exercise, meaning that the movement mainly targets your quadriceps. Your glutes get some work, but come secondary to your quads in this move. If you're trying to get a bigger butt, you're going to have focus on building your glute muscles and doing exercises that target the glutes specifically, like hip thrusts and lunges, just to Why Men Love Big Ass a few. You'll also more than likely have to eat Why Men Love Big Ass a caloric surplus to help you build and maintain your muscle mass, with plenty of protein included in your diet. To help you get started on the exercise side of things, we've rounded up some of the best exercises you can do to improve your glute strength, and as a result, get a bigger butt. View On One Page. Photo 0 of Previous Next Start Slideshow. You May Also Like. Now You Know. Latest Fitness. Get Daily Fitness Inspiration Right in your inbox. Customize Select the topics that interest you:.

We all have them, and many of us think about them pretty frequently. But have you ever considered why we have such sizeable butt cheeks? The anatomical basis for the exceptional size of human butts is due to both a large amount of fat and a large amount of muscle. The latter — the gluteus maximus — adds most of the default bulk, while the layer of fat that sits over it varies a lot more from person to person. Explaining the size of our butt muscles Why Men Love Big Ass reasonably straightforward, at least for evolutionary anthropologists like Associate Professor Darren Curnoe from the University of New South Wales. Large, thick gluteal muscles help us remain stable while walking upright, and our pelvises have been moulded by evolution wider side-to-side, but also shallower front-to-back to ease the transition to moving about on two legs, which combine to Why Men Love Big Ass a distinctive curve to our posterior, as well as give us much wider hips. The abundance of fat on human butts is a little harder to explain. Unfortunately, we might never know for sure why our ancestors evolved to have so much fat. Finding genetic information linked to fat deposition in the buttocks in the ancient DNA of our extinct cousins might be the only way of shedding any light on the issue. The history of our cheeks might be obscured until then. But regardless of what happens, sit down and consider your butt with pride. It turns out to be a rather big part of what makes you human. The evolution of the nose: why is the human hooter so big? New research shows Why Men Love Big Ass human nose could have expanded forwards simply as an accidental by-product of our brain size.

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Today we want to take you to discover what are considered the most beautiful naturist beaches in Corsica. Remember that off these beaches, nudism is strictly prohibited on the rest of the island. So take care to inform yourself which are the beaches where nudism is officially accepted as in those of the dedicated campsites and resorts, others where it is only tolerated, from those where it is strictly forbidden. In this article we will find out:. The Naturism movement was born in the early s and developed in the countries of Germany and then spread to the rest of the world. It aims to sensitize people to respect for living beings , including animals and plants. After all, nudity is the most natural thing there can be for man. Naturism contains within itself the practice of nudism but the opposite is not always the case. The nudist beaches of Corsica are mainly located towards the east coast of the island , others around Porto Vecchio or in the Gulf of Ajaccio. The northernmost part of the island, especially the Cap Corse Peninsula, is full of small beaches in the wild, making it easier to find a quiet spot here. In addition to the beaches, naturists can find real areas equipped for their stay here: naturist campsites and villages near the sea. Here you will find a list with t he most beautiful and renowned beaches where the practice of nudism is tolerated :. Among the most famous naturist campsites in Corsica there is certainly Camping La Chiappa in Route du Phare in the southern tip of the Gulf of Porto Vecchio, near the famous beach of Palombaccia. The campsite, open from early May to late September, is immersed in the wildest Mediterranean scrub with its 60 hectares of forest that flows into the clear sea.

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This article was featured in One Story to Read Today, a newsletter in which our editors recommend a single must-read from The AtlanticMonday through Friday. Sign up for it here. To Lily Simpson, a year-old from London who moved to Copenhagen about two years ago, the Danes have a refreshingly Nude beac hes attitude toward nudity. He remembers that, when he went to the beach with his family as a child, pretty much all women, including his mother and aunt, would be topless, which is not close to the case today. They just seem to be exercising that right less often these days. Torben Larson, the chairman of the Danish Naturists association naturist is another term for nudist told me that he was less convinced that the rate of nude bathing is universally declining—he senses that it is increasing among older Danes—but agreed that younger generations seem much less interested in nude bathing, and in other nude activities, for that matter. This apparent retreat from public nudity is not isolated to Denmark. Among French women, topless sunbathing has been steadily falling out of fashion for years; its popularity reached a nearly year low in A poll observed a similar downward trend among women in Nude beac hes United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Read: The sisterly bonds forged by nudism. On one hand, according to a survey by one naturist organization which obviously has a Nude beac hes in the fightmore Americans are coming around to the idea Nude beac hes setting aside public land for nude recreation. On the other hand, many of the nude beaches that were around in the U. Those that remain seem to be drawing a very different crowd than they did in Nude beac hes s.

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Keeping brooders at optimal temperatures helps babies stay healthy. But when can chicks go outside? Hens will let offspring spend longer moments outside, as babies age. Wings develop and tufts form on tails. Then chests fill in. Eventually, babies have enough coverage that they no longer hide beneath wings to keep warm. Caring for baby chicks is more fun as you take them onto the lawn to peck at grass and chase Chicks Like It Big. These field trips allow chicks to exercise and expand their diets. And it allows you to Chicks Like It Big with brooding chicks as they grow, which creates a gentler and more human-friendly hen or rooster. Chicken growth charts can be difficult to find, but an Internet search shows how little fluffballs with nubby wings grow into pullets and cockerels. Chickens self-regulate temperatures by fluffing their feathers and creating air layers. Until then, use the rule that newly hatched chicks need ambient temperatures of 95F; each week after, reduce that by five degrees. They can spend all day outside if temperatures stay within the right range for their ages.

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When Marlon and Shawn Wayans imagined themselves playing FBI agents who pose as blond, blue-eyed hotel heiresses in White Chicks opens June 23 , they had no idea what they were getting into. Bad idea. Transforming the African-American actors into ersatz Hilton sisters took up to seven hours a day, buckets of acrylic paint, and contact lenses so painful "they should be the s-- that they use over in Iraq to get information out of al-Qaeda," says Shawn. Oddly enough, the key to softening their strong jaw lines and cheekbones was making their faces bigger with layers of foam latex. Their faces actually seem smaller because of the softer shape," says Cannom. Then I was able to put a smaller, thinner nose on top of the layer of foam. Cannom and Van Helsing sculptor Glen Hanz created four separate foam "appliances" covering the entire face except for the bottom lip of each actor. Nothing worked," says Cannom. Why the regular dime-store makeup? Hey, if Revlon works for spokeswoman Halle Berry , who are we to argue? Length, not height, was key: "What we realized was, the more eye makeup they wore and the more hair we put in the top of their heads, the more they started looking like big-haired drag queens. And the one thing Keenan [Ivory Wayans, the director and the actors' older brother] didn't want was a drag look. Although he was able to fine-tune the process of turning the guys into girls each day, he was only able to cut the laborious process down to five hours from a whopping seven. If they ate or drank anything, they had to be touched up.

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