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A Columbus deputy police chief who was temporarily suspended , then reinstated last year after she failed to promptly show up for a random drug test has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, claiming that it is trying to force her into early retirement. The Dispatch reported in November that Columbus Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Knight was placed on leave after saying her schedule didn't permit a 10 a. She later took a private test, which her attorney said she passed. District Court in Columbus, says. While Knight was restored to full duty on Dec. She has taken such tests four times since late November and must continue to do so "despite the lack of any articulable or individualized suspicion that she has or does use alcohol or drugs," the lawsuit says. Knight, 55, has never been accused of being addicted to alcohol or using illegal drugs, Gottesman said. Her suit also alleges various other forms of retaliation. Gottesman has said the city is really targeting Knight for her opinion about how the division handled the situation involving police Lt. Knight was commander of the division's Internal Affairs bureau, which investigated McFadden's complaints and found them unfounded, the lawsuit says, a decision that was overruled by then-Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr. Columbus Department of Public Safety spokesman Glenn McEntyre said in an email that the city is "not able to comment on pending litigation, but we can state the city does not tolerate discriminatory conduct. Bill Bush The Columbus Dispatch. View Comments View Comments.

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Naturists believed nudity was profoundly beneficial to society. In order to spread the message, they took to photography. For around years, naturists — formerly known as nudists — have been arguing that public disrobing is physically and morally improving. They did this, in Britain, in the face of an incredulous public and a hostile legal system Forced Nude Public strict ideas about decency and obscenity. Can looking at nudes be good for you? The lively debates raised by historical nudists about the pleasures and powers of showing the nude body are fascinating. They provide surprising perspectives on questions about physical beauty, nature, and the sexualised body. Although we are all born naked and the nude body is as old as humanity, social nudism as a distinct cause and as an organised community has lateth-century German origins. Philosophers, artists and social reformers sought out anti-urban and anti-industrial alternatives as a way of promoting a more natural and authentic way of life. Their interests in natural health cures through exercise, diet and the purifying exposure of the body to the sun led Forced Nude Public a cult of nakedness practised on plots of lands dedicated to group gymnastics and open-air swimming, and promoted through a body of zealous literature in Forced Nude Public early years of Forced Nude Public 20th century.

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Forced Nude Public captured or otherwise helpless victim we'll call her Alice is stripped of her clothing as a form of torture or humiliation. This can be the prelude to serious sexual assault, but the point of the exercise is to torment Alice by leaving Forced Nude Public bare and exposed to the eyes of her captors — frequently Come to Gawk is involved. It's especially cruel if Alice is forced to self -strip, symbolizing the complete loss of her freedom though being stripped by the antagonist is still pretty cruel. The temperature will often be quite cold as well, causing Alice to shiver. A strip search by the police or other security forces may fall under this trope, particularly if we are dealing with Corrupt Cops or we already know Alice is innocent. The captive's reaction depends to some extent upon whether it's Alice or Bob being stripped. Bob is more likely to cover his humiliation under a mask of defiance, while the sight of his naked body whether from Heroic Build or When a male is Shamefully Stripped, this is often a sign that the villain is a sexually voracious woman. Alternatively, the villain may be a Depraved BisexualDepraved Homosexualor Psycho Lesbian victimizing a same-sex captive. Related to Defeat by Modesty a character is unable to fight due to his modesty being compromised and Undressing the Unconscious a character has their clothes removed while they were in an unconscious state. Fanservice for some people, and sometimes specifically meant to be this by the creator — although some instances of this are so cruel that even the easily titillated are likely to be turned off. Contrast Go-Go Enslavementin which the torture is that Alice loses the right to choose her own clothing and must wear the outfit her captors provide — clothes which Forced Nude Public scandalously revealing or utterly humiliating in some other way. Forced Nude Public happenstances go into Wardrobe Malfunction or Stripping Snag. If Alice loses her hair instead of her clothes, it's Traumatic Haircut. See also Pervy Patdown for cases where a strip search is performed Forced Nude Public just invoked as an excuse.

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YouTuber Logan Paul bags a Guinness World Record for his $5.275 million Pokemon card

Whether they were packed as children or purchased as adults, our love for card design and artwork has led to some of the most collectible trading cards in the world today. Twitter user fanamelt may have an insight that could give you a topic of conversation next time you see your friends who knows when that will be. The user appears to have found stock images that were used as the background of some original Pokemon cards by Ken Sigumori himself from Japanese Base Set and later in when Base Set came to the English market. In a Twitter video shown below , Fanamelt uses stock images sourced from Datacraft Sozaijiten , a stock image source used across Japanese media, framing the background of some very recognisable Pokemon cards from Base Set including Ponyta, Wartortle, and Imposter Professor Oak. Last night I managed to find a bunch of source images used as backgrounds in Pokemon cards, here's a few of them. For many, it was easy to assume that the backgrounds of these Pokemon cards were hand-drawn by the artist of each card, this information is a fascinating insight into the world of original Pokemon card design. This begs the question, are there any other Pokemon cards that could be made in the same way? Have you ever thought about the origin of the cards and where the inspiration of your favourite piece in your collection comes from? Ludkins Media provides high quality journalism for all your TCG news. Forgot your password?

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The rarest Pokémon card in the world has sold for over £150,000

Prices have dropped from their presale highs and rebounded from Images of the best pokemon card ever release-day lows, settling into the ranges we can expect them to stay at for the foreseeable future. More importantly, the TCGplayer Authentication Center opened over 10, packs of Brilliant Stars, which gave us a pretty good sense of how easy or hard it is to pull any given card. The harder they are to find, the less competition there is for sellers, and the more they can charge for the privilege of owning one. That's an issue with demand, not supply. Two factors are keeping this card's price afloat. Second, Lumineon V has seen some competitive play thanks to its Luminous Sign ability, which lets players fetch whatever Supporter card is most useful at that moment. As the face of Brilliant Stars, Arceus was guaranteed to show up on this list. Collectors generally love cards that look like this, so the only thing holding the price of these cards in check is how relatively easy they are to pull. It's also got a low pull rate, though not the lowest among the Trainer Gallery cards—that honor goes to Acerola's Premonition swsh9tg-TG24with a rate of 1 in packs. Normally that would make it the most valuable version of Arceus in Brilliant Stars, but one other Arceus card actually has the same pull rate 1 in and a fully illustrated background. We've covered before how Charizard cards tend to suck up all the oxygen Images of the best pokemon card ever a setand Brilliant Stars was no different. Charizard V swsh market price is far ahead of the Images of the best pokemon card ever most valuable card of equivalent rarity, Lumineon V swsh On release day, I said that Charizard V swsh may not hold its place among the most valuable cards for long.

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Figure studies are a traditional mainstay of art and the photos of Bill Dobbins have focused attention on the aesthetic, artistic and erotic qualities of the bodies of female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, sexy hardbody muscles and other muscular women who have used weight training and diet to turn their bodies into beautiful pieces of erotic sculpture. Too many, sexy female muscle is a fetish, a sexual turn-on, a source of primary erotic stimulation. But while art can be erotic and can use fetish as a subject source, it's aim is to make important and general observations about the nature of the world. Bill Dobbins sees women with muscles - from the world of female bodybuilding, fitness and figure competition and the growing ranks of sexy muscular fitness models - as what Pumping Iron author Charles Gaines called a "new archetype," a totally new revelation about the female body, the aesthetic and erotic potential of muscles on women, something "New Under The Sun. NEW Find and download just the images and videos you want of your favorite female physique stars. From the Amazon. Enter Bill Dobbins, a man whose mission is to show the world what ultra-muscular women really look like—- and that they look good. Modern Amazons is a unique collection of fine art photos and essays giving a fascinating insight into Dobbins's vision of femininity and the impact of female bodybuilding on modern society. Dobbins shows us a kind of female physique that challenges the typical thin-legged-large-breasted archetype of female beauty. With his highly skilled studio and natural light portraits, he worships these women's bulging muscles like no photographer has done before.

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