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Personal Data » Login:. You selected only. Show all. No category is selected. Show all There are no broadcasts to match the selected categories. SRF 1. Earlier Later. Doch das Gegenteil ist der Fall: Betroffene verlieren tausende von Franken. Doch wie gut eignen sie sich als Alleinfutter? Cast Renato Pesavento.

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Here's a truth about learning German : nearly everyone struggles with German adjective endings or German adjective declension as it's also known. Every textbook seems to contain endless tables and charts depicting similar adjective endings, seemingly chosen at random. Sound familiar? Time to stop tearing your hair out! In this post, I'm breaking down German adjective endings into simple terms that you can understand. I've also compiled all the information you need to know into one concise table. Finally, I'll show you how to choose the correct adjective ending in four easy steps. Adjective endings are a strange concept for English native speakers like you and I. However, for Germans, these endings fulfill a very specific purpose. In English, we use word order to indicate who and what is the subject, direct object, and indirect object. By changing the word order, you change the meaning of the sentence. In some cases, changing the word order can turn a sentence into nonsense, like in the 3rd example. In German, you can change the order of words around without changing the meaning of a sentence.

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