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That inscrutable message, posted on Twitter last weekend, followed a cataclysmic week for the year-old. Things have continued to deteriorate ever since, as a new, potentially criminal narrative has emerged: Federal prosecutors in New York have already begun contacting possible witnesses as part of a far-reaching investigation, and the white-shoe law firm Paul, Weiss has already dropped Bankman-Fried as a client. SBF has taken the opposite tack, granting at least two interviews to journalists. In the first, for The New York Times , Bankman-Fried announced that he was still sleeping pretty well despite the turmoil. Bankman-Fried did not respond to a request for comment. In just a few years, SBF went from an arbitrageur in a niche market to one of the most powerful people in crypto. What made SBF so compelling, and ultimately so dangerous, is that he deeply understood the culture of crypto—and of the broader internet —even as he pushed against it. Indeed, each new revelation just seems to make SBF look worse and worse. After apparently misleading the industry for years, and even after incinerating tens of billions of dollars, it feels like SBF still sees himself as somehow holding sway over the people in his orbit. His incessant, unguarded posting was once an extension of an earnest persona, carefully cultivated.

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My boyfriend and I have a ritual after we have sex. Right after he finishes, he gets up while I start screaming for a towel, urging him toward the bathroom closet or the laundry bag to retrieve one that I then use to wipe myself down. If a towel is not handy, I'll reach between my legs and gleefully reveal the fruits of his labor to him. I think it's hilarious. He thinks it's repulsive. This ritual has been going on for years, as long as we've been having regular, condom-free sex. If it sounds strange, that's only because we so rarely discuss what is one of the most common problems facing sexual partners: After a guy comes inside you, how do you dispose of the semen?

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Imagine yourself casually grocery shopping while a sex-positive podcast about the basics of tantric sex plays in your ears. It does, right? Podcasts are an easy way to escape the sounds of the outside world and learn a thing or two along the way. Content creators sharing suck me good and ill cum like this or better stories? Audio primers on racial injustice? Double check. When you press play on a sex podcast, you enter a shame-free, no judgement zone. Besides, sex education is not only for younger folks looking for a more informative version of the super vague lessons they got in health class. She also notes that many sex educators, sex workers, artists, OBGYNs, and activists often get shaddowbanned on social media whereas sharing that information on a podcast allows them to speak about pretty much everything without censorship. Have a laugh, feel seen, and get a little spicy.

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Walking into a strip club is a lot of pressure for the uninitiated. The workers offer a sexy service, but what do you do with your hands? To shed some light on the unwritten rules of interacting with strippers, and thus make the whole experience better for everybody, we went right to the source. Although we spent the entire lifecycle of a mayfly there, we sensed that the stories we heard were only the tip of the iceberg. So we decided to go back to learn more from the strippers and the club manager about their job, their clients, and how to behave suck me good and ill cum like this or better a strip club. Over the course of a lazy Sunday night lazy because who goes to a strip club on Sunday? These are their words:. A lot of guys get mad—they don't understand that I'm a dancer.

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Pinkamena D. Pie born April 12, is an earth pony who is pink hence her name and works as a prostitute that likes to throw parties a little too hard, and lived a depressing life because of this. Pinkie Pie's life of parties started on her 21st birthday, and she's been living it up ever since then. Ever Rainbow Dash Vagina she had a brief fling with "Alice in Chains" guitarist, Jerry Cantrellher partying escalated from drinking to heavy drug use, and it was shown after she went insane at the park once. It was also said that she even performed sexual acts on Big Macintosh. Pinkie first appeared, watching Applejack eat a lot of apples. She tells her that she'll get a "wicked bad tummy-ache," and Rainbow Dash flew right next to her, telling her that she Rainbow Dash Vagina the same thing and laughed about it. After Applejack became unconscious, Pinkie and the other ponies checked to see if she was alright. When they entered, they saw that Fluttershy has killed all of her animals, revealing that she's a psychotic killer but instead noticed that she keeps a huge stash of "PlayPony" copies in a box. When Pinkie did look at all of the rotting corpses that was hanging on the wall, she just thought that Rainbow Dash Vagina was just "weird art. When Fluttershy returned to her shed, and discovered that they were there, both Pinkie and Spike escaped, leaving Rainbow Dash to Rainbow Dash Vagina killed by the insane, chainsaw-wielding pegasus.


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