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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze Big Fat And Ugly traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Nuggets will be in Dallas on Friday for the first of a two-game mini-series between the teams. For Dallas, it would mean bouncing back from one of their worst losses in recent memory against a horrible Rockets team that saw them have one of the worst offensive performances imaginable. Sure seems like something that would be nice to take advantage of! With Luka Doncic set to return after getting a game off against Houston, hopefully the team can get the offense back on track. The offense Big Fat And Ugly putrid against Houston without Luka, but Dallas was still in the game until the very end. Even in the last game Doncic did play Big Fat And Ugly — a pulse-raising win against the Clippers — the offense was start and stop, and looked especially downtrodden in the second and third quarters. Dallas is already the slowest team in the league, keeping possessions to a minimum. Dallas turned the Clippers over 21 times and 20 against Houston. That helped create a shot differential of 16 and 27 field goal attempts in each game, respectively. So far this season, the Nuggets are shooting the highest percentage on wide open threes at However,

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The whole style and quality of life in Ancient Rome was degraded by its dependence upon slave labour. It was the common practice in all Mediterranean lands to use human beings as though they were animals or tools, but no people in recorded history owned so many slaves or relied as heavily upon slave labour as the Romans. Before the third century b. A small scale Roman farmer managed his holding of two to five acres 0,8 to 2 hectares helped by his family or with one or two slaves. They would probably also have been natives of Italy, folk very like himself and his wife. They helped on the farm and in the house, living as one of the family. The links in Rome between the slaves and members of the family might indeed be even closer, for many were brought into the family life and worship and shared in its religious celebrations, particularly the Saturnalia , the ancient mid December feast. No people who had such ceremonies could have entirely forgotten the common humanity which united themselves and their slaves. So long as Rome increased its territory and power at the expense of neighbouring Italian peoples, the majority of the slaves were Italian. But in the second and first centuries b. The island of Delos became a wholesale market for slaves from Asia: in one day thousands of slaves might change hands there, to be shipped like cattle to Rome where they were exhibited, men, women and children, naked in the slave markets, and sold one after the other to the highest bidder. If they had just been brought to Rome their feet were whitened with chalk and a placard was hung round their necks advertising their qualities and defects, for the market inspectors, the aediles , would hold the seller responsible for any false statement about their merchandise, human or otherwise. The choicest slaves were probably disposed of privately to rich customers. Capture by war was the main source of slaves during the Republic and early Empire and it was often one motive for war. In early times army commanders were proud to bring back such handsome dividends to the public Treasury.

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You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Department: History. Slavery in the early medieval West remains an understudied topic, especially in regards to the relationships that formed between the free and unfree. Interactions within domestic space, and the management of enslaved people by the heads of household, created dynamic mechanisms for regulating, changing, or stabilising society and its hierarchies during a period of wider transformation. Sixth-century Gaul offers a uniquely rich evidence base from which to investigate the question of slavery and society in the post-Roman world. The Histories of Gregory of Tours, the sermons of Caesarius of Arles, the acts of Church Councils, numerous hagiographies, inscriptions, and other materials mention slaves, slaveholding, enslavement, and manumission in sufficient detail to enable an in-depth study of the topic. This doctoral project will utilise the presence of enslaved people in Gallic society, and their visibility in the historical record, as an opportunity to better understand social relationships within the transformative period represented by the sixth century, as the old Roman order began to be replaced by its medieval heir. As part of a team of scholars, you will collaborate and share your findings with your fellow researchers, as the team collectively seeks to investigate this greater theme. Please provide details of how you will fund the diffference within your personal statement. Applicants are required to hold a UK Bachelor's Degree or better or overseas equivalent in a relevant subject.

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The Franks had fully gained possession of all the north of Gaul, except Brittany. Chlodweh had made them Christians in name, but they still remained horribly savage—and the life of the Gauls under them was wretched. The Burgundians and Visigoths who had peopled the southern and eastern provinces were far from being equally violent. They had entered on their settlements on friendly terms, and even showed considerable respect for the Roman-Gallic senators, magistrates, and higher clergy, who all remained unmolested in their dignities and riches. Thus it was that Gregory, Bishop of Langres, was a man of high rank and consideration in the Burgundian kingdom, whence the Christian Queen Clotilda had come; and even after the Burgundians had been subdued by the four sons of Chlodweh, he continued a rich and prosperous man. After one of Slavery In Gaul many quarrels and reconciliations between these fierce brethren, Slavery In Gaul was an exchange of hostages for the observance of the terms of the treaty. These were not taken from among the Franks, who were too proud to submit to Slavery In Gaul, but from among the Gaulish nobles, a much more convenient arrangement to the Frankish kings, who cared for the life of a "Roman" infinitely less than even for the life of a Frank. Thus many young men of senatorial families were exchanged between the domains of Theodrik to the south, and of Hildebert to the northward, and quartered among Frankish chiefs, with whom at first they had nothing more to endure than Slavery In Gaul discomfort of living as guests with such rude and coarse barbarians. But ere long fresh quarrels broke out between Theodrik and Hildebert, and the unfortunate hostages were at once turned into slaves. Some of them ran away if they were near the frontier, but Bishop Gregory was in the utmost anxiety about his young nephew Attaluswho had been last Slavery In Gaul of as being placed under the charge of a Frank who lived between Treves and Metz. Slavery In Gaul Bishop sent emissaries to make secret enquiries, and they brought word that the unfortunate youth had indeed been Slavery In Gaul to slavery, and was made to keep his master's herds of horses. Upon this the uncle again sent off his messengers with presents for the ransom of Attalus, but the Frank rejected them, saying, "One of such high race can only be redeemed for ten pounds' weight of gold. Then Leo went to a person, probably of Gallic birth, and said, "Come with me to this barbarian's house, and there sell me for a slave. Thou shalt have the money, I only ask thee to help me thus far. The Slavery In Gaul looked at the slave, and asked him what he could do.

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Feeling your child's forehead is quick but is not an exact method. Insert the rectal thermometers into the anal opening. Of these, IR thermometers inserted into the external ear canal to measure tympanic membrane temperatures are some of the most frequently. Using your other hand, gently insert the thermometer into the anus until the tip is completely inside the rectum. DO NOT force it if you. Non-contact Infrared Thermometers (NCITs) are being used as a temperature measurement tool for screening and isolating potentially infected. If using a glass thermometer (not recommended), it may take a little longer to get a correct temperature. Remember: You are placing a piece of glass in your.

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With the other hand, insert the tip of the thermometer about one-quarter to one-half an inch into the rectum, just until you can no longer see the tip. FLTR No Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer Flexible tip for comfort and over-insertion gauge for rectal use; Recalls last reading. Benefits and limitations of using temperature assessment devices, such as thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers. Other types of thermometers may not be accurate for newborns. Never leave a baby unattended with a rectal thermometer inserted. Why Temperature Screening for COVID with Non-Contact Infrared Of these, IR thermometers inserted into the external ear canal to.

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Male model, 24, is arrested over the death of Thai beauty, 25, who was dumped in a Bangkok lobby

A year-old male model has been arrested over the death of a Thai beauty who was 'abducted' and dumped in a hotel lobby. Chilling footage appeared to show a man carrying her body into the building's elevator, before taking her into the lobby, placing her on the floor and walking away. Ratchadech Wongtabut, a year-old male model, was arrested on Wednesday. Wongtabut is accused of taking unconscious Ms Noraphanpiphat to his apartment, boasting online about his sexual exploits, and leaving her lifeless body in the building. Police believe he planned to sexually assault her. He has since been arrested in connection to Ms Noraphanpiphat's death. Police brought charges of illegal detention leading to death, abduction with intent of committing an indecent Thai male model sex and molestation. The victim made Thai male model sex living as a 'pretty,' a term used to describe young women hired for events to post seductively with products they Thai male model sex promoting. Ms Noraphanpiphat, who used Lunlabelle as her professional name, was hired to attend a party on September She left the event with Wongtabut.

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Advances in legalisation, however, have not quelled rampant homophobic Country Singers Gay Attitude that continue to pose a violent threat to LGBT communities in many countries, which remain predominantly Catholic and conservative. As the region has seen a rise of extreme right-wing beliefs, progress is being met with violent homophobic resistance, with several countries, such as ColombiaBrazil, and Chilewitnessing a surge of hate crimes in recent years, according to rights groups. This includes a number of openly queer Country Singers Gay Attitude, who have emerged from underground gay scenes throughout Latin America over the last decade to reach wider audiences and use their platforms to speak against discriminatory attitudes Country Singers Gay Attitude celebrating LGBT culture. Going beyond legislation rights, they see music as a way to change a societal mindset and advocate for tolerance. Linn da Quebrada is a trans rapper from Brazil who uses her music to confront the challenges she has faced growing up black and queer in a Sao Paulo favela. A staunch feminist and trans activist, she is vocal about the harsh dangers of the patriarchal system present throughout the region. Her songs fight oppression and seek equality. She sees music as a valuable medium to find a common ground between people of different beliefs, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Brazil is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be trans, according to the Trans Murder Monitoring Project. Many in the LGBT community warn the situation for trans and other queer individuals will only get worse under far-right President Jair Bolsonarowho took office earlier this year. Inhe claimed he would rather have a dead son than a gay one. Despite rampant homophobia in the country, Brazil is Country Singers Gay Attitude for having a vibrant gay culture, with a number of highly celebrated queer performers rising to global recognition. Queer and gay musicians in the country have expressed Country Singers Gay Attitude at the latest attacks this year. She suffered a Country Singers Gay Attitude skull and internal bleeding, and two perpetrators have been arrested for attempted murder. In March, a group of individuals carved swastikas into the body of a trans man.

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